Why do staffing agencies use Care Hires?

Last week we examined some of the ways that the Care Hires system can help Care Providers to improve their operations — today we will take a look at some of the real-world impacts of the system for staffing agencies.

The Care Hires system was designed from the outset to make the link between Care providers and staffing agencies stronger, with an easy to use tool that would make business processes more efficient. More and more agencies and providers and starting to use Care Hires all over the UK — here are some of the biggest reasons why:

Agencies aren’t charged a penny

Agencies can use the Care Hires system for free, as all charges are paid by Care providers using the system. So if your agency signs up to Care Hires not only will you get access to a bigger customer base and get a chance to fulfil shifts with bigger clients, but you get systems for rota management, staff compliance, and more.

24 hour support

Care Hires offers you 24-hour support, so if there are any issues you will be able to resolve them with your customer quickly and concentrate on delivering high quality Care services. You will also get a directly contactable account manager who will help you to find new business and take full advantage of the features of the Care Hires system.

More efficient use of your time

A big reason for organisations choosing Care Hires is the many ways that the system helps to save you time, and therefore money. From an agency perspective, whenever one of your partnering Care providers has a shift vacancy, the system will automatically suggest members from your team who meet the compliance requirements and have rota availability — no more searching through multiple diaries, calling around members of the team, only to find that the job has already been filled by someone else.

And that’s just one example — the system also automatically handles invoicing, rota management, and more.

Care Hires app

Making sure everyone is fully updated with the latest information is critical in every business, so we provide our users with the Care Hires app. This allows workers to put themselves forward for available shifts, to submit their timesheets and clock in and out electronically, making sure that your records are updated in real time. No more waiting for people to submit paper records that could be lost, you get easily tracked records and the ability to create more accurate reporting.

Are you a staffing agency working in the Care Sector? Book a free consultation with one of our team to see how Care Hires can help your business.



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