Why Do Providers Use The Care Hires Platform?

The Care Hires platform is designed to make the process of selecting and hiring temporary staff easier for both Care providers and staffing agencies — but what does that mean in the real world? Here are some real life examples of the power of the Care Hires platform and the tangible benefits that are bringing more and more providers to choose Care Hires.

Care Hires helps you fill 100% of the shifts you need

By working with you to create a tailored Primary Agency Network with pre-arranged rates and excess capacity, we can make sure that whenever you have a need for staff that the shift can be filled quickly and with a minimum of fuss. With regular reviews so that your agency resource grows with your business, we make sure that even as your needs adapt, so does the service you receive.

Care Hires gives you Control and transparency over hiring

Many Care providers find that they actually have an incomplete picture over how and when temporary staff are hired until the invoices arrive. But using Care Hires gives a centralised hiring platform with defined user permissions and the ability to give real-time reporting of all shifts booked, completed, and the agencies which fulfilled them.

Care Hires help you reduce your costs

Care Hires regularly helps Care providers to source new agency resources, or to renegotiate the rates charged by their existing agencies. And while this is the most obvious cost saving, the time and efficiency saved by using the Care Hires system is a huge source of indirect savings. From reducing the time it takes to hire agency staff, to consolidating your invoicing into just a single payment, or saving you time on having to liaise with agencies, Care Hires makes your administrative operations much more slick and efficient.

And this is just a snapshot of the benefits for Care Providers of switching to Care Hires. Why not see how Care Hires could be useful for you by booking a consultation?



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