Thinking about Diabetes Week

1 in 14 people in the UK lives with diabetes, a condition which must be carefully managed if sufferers are to live full, healthy lives. And the same is true of a great many health concerns which must be managed every day by Care professionals in order to deliver the very highest standards of care. But in order to do this, there are a number of challenges that providers have to meet every single day, and meeting these is no small challenge

Fully trained staff

Having a team that are trained to manage the conditions of your patients and fully compliant in this is absolutely vital from both a care standards and legal perspective. For your own members of staff this is straightforward enough, but for temporary staff you may need to bring in this is something that you cannot afford to compromise on, which brings us to…

Filling all of your shifts

It’s no secret that there is currently shortage of care staff in the UK, so making sure that all of your shifts are fulfilled is more difficult than ever. But to deliver the highest standards of care there is simply no alternative. Agency staff can be a good way of smoothing over any temporary shortfalls and guarantee quality care is maintained.

Getting who you expect

There are formal qualifications, but there are also soft skills, little nuances, and personal relationships that may lead a provider to need specific people are also important. Unfortunately, this is sometimes a problem, especially when requesting temporary staff.

So what can a Care Provider do to make sure all of these critical needs are met?

Fortunately, the Care Hires system was designed to bring together care providers with staff agencies specifically in order to meet these needs. The system aims to provide users with

  • 100% staff shift fulfilment, no more staffing gaps
  • 100% staff compliance, all staff are pre-vetted and fully qualified
  • 100% matched criteria, the person you select is the one you get

Find our more by watching our video, or book a demo.




We empower diverse Care Organisations through our platform to run their services more efficiently.

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Care Hires

Care Hires

We empower diverse Care Organisations through our platform to run their services more efficiently.

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