How can Care Providers and Agencies reduce their admin time?

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2 min readAug 31, 2022


Time spent on administration is time spent not delivering care to your users and money off your bottom line. In these challenging financial times, any opportunity to reduce costs like these should be considered.

Care Hires is designed to make the relationship between Care providers and staffing agencies easier — and a big part of that is by hiring staff more efficiently. So how can we help you hire staff more easily and reduce admin time?

Hiring made easy

Post your available shifts and select from the proposed agency staff. That’s all a Care provider has to do to hire staff using Care Hires.

No more calls around different agencies, no more long email chains overlapping, just a quick and easy process. All the staff on the Care Hires system are pre-vetted for qualifications and compliance, so all you need is just a few clicks, and you can get a shift covered by high-quality staff.

Consolidated invoices

Many Care providers will work with several agencies, providing staff for various services, locations, and so on. This means the accounts team may receive dozens of invoiced each week, having separate payment runs for each agency, possibly even having to pay for each shift individually.

With Care Hires, Care Providers are sent one bill, covering all their agency use. Simple. How? Because we sit as a neutral party between Care Providers and Staffing Agencies, we can process the details automatically for you, simplifying the process for everyone.


We work with Care Providers all over the UK, and one of the issues we are told about most often is a lack of transparency they find between the administration team and the front-line. Shifts may have been booked or approved without their knowledge, and retrospectively approving timesheets can be a lengthy process.

Using our system, only shifts booked by authorised persons can be completed, with clear visibility to other departments. Timesheets can be submitted by workers electronically using our free app and approved by managers; all this happens before the office staff have to do anything. All the processing is done at this stage, so the only thing left is to make one single payment for everything to Care Hires.

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