Care Hires raises £2m to tackle staffing crisis across the Care Sector

Care Hires, a software solution Founded by Suleman Sacranie and Nizam Bata, that allows Care Providers to hire on demand healthcare staff more efficiently and cost effectively has today announced it has secured £2m investment from West Hill Capital to supercharge its efforts.

Through Care Hires, care providers consolidate and fulfil 100% of their temporary vacancies, with overall savings in excess of 10%.

Care homes are missing a third of the staff they need and more than one in four have closed their doors to new admissions in a deepening labour crisis. Care Hires started out in 2020 to provide a solution for this growing problem.

The company already works with over 150 Care services across the UK and has over 1,000 Healthcare staff onboarded to the platform. Care Hires has successfully supplied over half a million hours requested by care providers looking for qualified healthcare staff in times of need.

The investment will be used to amplify sales and marketing functions in addition to bolstering its tech infrastructure and launch of its SaaS products to provide further efficiencies to care providers.

Nizam Bata, Director, said: “Having worked with the team at West Hill over the last few months, we are delighted to have them onboard. We are transforming recruitment across the Care Industry by providing a simple solution to an industry in crisis. We want to become the chosen partner for care providers and care agencies for all staffing requirements and to provide automation through the launch of several SaaS products. My experience running a group of care services allows us to provide a solution to the growing deficiencies and problems faced by care providers.”

Ian Mattioli, Chairman, said “We are delighted to have West Hill Capital join Care Hires as we accelerate the growth of the platform. At a time where the Care sector is suffering with a number of critical and sensitive issues, Care Hires has proven we have a solution that provides the support needed to provide the efficiencies and technology needed to meet these requirements. We have a fantastic team that brings together a range of expertise as we continue accelerating our growth in delivering Care Hires to every care service and agency across the UK”.

Care Hires is live, Care Providers and Care Recruitment Agencies can register at




We empower diverse Care Organisations through our platform to run their services more efficiently.

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Care Hires

Care Hires

We empower diverse Care Organisations through our platform to run their services more efficiently.

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