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3 min readJan 3, 2023


‘You get what you pay for’ is generally accepted as true in most aspects of life, the Care industry being no exception. Now a national shortage of staff and rising costs for utilities, food, fuel, and more, are all acting to squeeze the finances of even the best-prepared Care providers, meaning that providing the high-quality Care they pride themselves on is getting more and more difficult.

While we can’t change the conditions of the economy at large, here at Care Hires we can provide a platform that hugely reduce the costs for Care Providers to manage their staffing needs, from maintaining their rota of permanent staff to easily booking temporary workers to fill any gaps — we’ve already identified direct savings of over £500,000 a year for some of our users.

So, what is our secret?

A world-leading platform

The Care Hires platform was designed from the ground up for the Care industry, built to the specification of Care Providers from the start. Since its inception, it has developed with more tools and features to suit their requirements and now offers:

  • A Rota management system that combines your permanent and temporary staff into one system, helping you to identify any gaps in coverage to get you to 100% shift fulfilment.
  • A seamless way to book temporary staff to fill any gaps from our bespoke agency network, providing pre-vetted staff to give you assured legal compliance and selection criteria.
  • A platform which saves hours of administration time at every stage of the process, from booking all the way through to payment. Every department from Operations to HR to Finance, will be able to see a benefit.

An easy way to do business

Care Hires promises a lot, but we also want to ensure we are easy to do business with. All our costs are rolled into the hourly rate charged for a worker, with no hidden fees, and you only pay for what you use.

Only authorised persons can access the system to book staff, and this combined with complete price transparency means all layers of management can control costs and plan accordingly.

A unique combination

Other platforms may promise big savings, but typically they can only claim this is possible by leaning heavily on the agencies they work with, meaning their performance is often poor. Failing to fulfil shifts isn’t just a false economy, it means that the standards of Care delivered to the user suffer; it’s as simple as that.

Care Hires was built with a completely different philosophy, delivering savings primarily through giving you easier-to-use processes, with the primary goal of getting every shift you need filled by exactly the person you need for the job. By working with our agency partners co-operatively instead of antagonistically, we can also often offer our Care Providers better agency rates too, giving everyone stability and a way to build strong, trusting business relationships in the long term.



Care Hires

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