A Closer Look at the Care Hires App

The Care Hires platform was created to be a technological solution to help fix the staffing difficulties of Care providers and staffing agencies, helping to link them together seamlessly. As the platform goes from strength to strength, we are also rolling out our mobile app, intended to help front line care staff get the most out of the system, give better information to all parties, and help make the administration process more efficient.

So here are a few of the big ways that the app can help you run your organisation better:

Staff can submit timesheets electronically

Putting their information directly into the system and not relying on paper based solutions that can easily get lost or forgotten, and require time consuming manual data entry. They can do this anywhere and any time, making the process quick and convenient.

Give shift information and update it in real time

Give and update information about shifts as soon as it’s available, including pending shifts, accepted, completed, job application status, and more. All the information your staff need sent to them automatically, saving you time from manually contacting them all whenever there is a change.

Staff can apply directly for shifts

When shifts come up as available at the last minute staff can see these and apply directly, helping you to fill every shift that is available.

Access support directly

With a knowledge base full of best practice articles, playlists of training videos and more, the app helps your workforce to get the most out of the Care Hires solution.

Best of all, the app comes as a free feature to all Care Hires customers.

Invite your workers to install the app today!



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