5 Technologies Care Providers Need to Manage Their Staffing

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4 min readMar 24, 2023


Managing work staff is perceived as one of the fundamental issues care providers face. Due to staff shortages and high turnover rates, care providers undergo a multitude of challenges in coordinating care services such that employees are not driven to exhaustion, while providing the best possible care for their patients. Therefore, the implementation of digital solutions is the way forward for care providers to increase the efficiency of their staff management.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) reports that staff suppliers are increasingly facing difficulties in retaining and recruiting enough employees. More than 90% of NHS executives have expressed concern about a social care workforce shortage in their respective regions, which they predict will continue to worsen by the end of the year. CQC informs that 87% of care home providers who have reported staffing issues are continuously experiencing a shortage when filling positions. More than a quarter of care facilities that acknowledged workforce constraints reported that they have actively stopped admitting new residents as a result of these challenges. Higher levels of stress and burnout are being detected among care workers due to these staffing issues. Hence, we at Care Hires can support you in streamlining the management of your staff with technology, so you can effectively allocate your resources and provide a better quality of care. Here are 5 digital solutions that we can incorporate into your facilities to effectively manage your staff.

  1. Scheduling Software

Scheduling software is one of the most crucial technological solutions necessary for managing the care workforce. Through our Care Hires platform, managers can create and set employee schedules, keep track of time-off requests and availability, and make sure there are always enough staff members on hand. Particularly in the management of agency workforce, managers are enabled easy access to see and modify schedules, assign staff members to shifts, and communicate scheduling changes in real-time. The use of our scheduling technology can lessen errors, cut down on overtime expenses, attract the most qualified staff with the best rates, and guarantee that care facilities always have the right number of staff members on hand.

2. Transparent Recruitment

Whenever shift vacancies are available, care providers can easily post their openings and select the ideal candidates through our Care Hires platform. Our systems help to automate the screening and hiring process by checking candidate availability, qualifications, and certifications, saving time and reducing errors. Our platform ensures that each employee who enters your service is certified under CQC regulations, while it further conducts thorough background checks, and examines criminal records, prior employment experiences, training and education requirements, right-to-work criteria, and verbal and written communication standards, reducing your administrative burdens and overheads that are part and parcel of the recruitment process.

3. Time and Attendance Tracking

Our Care Hires platform offers our customers the tools necessary to keep track of the time and attendance of staff. Managers can use this software to automate payroll, manage time-off requests, generate timesheets and keep track of employee hours, ensuring that care workers are not overburdened with excess hours. With greater visibility and control offered to care providers, our software allows the ability to make accurately calculated wage payments with the use of time and attendance tracking software. This can lower administrative costs, get rid of manual mistakes, and increase payroll accuracy.

4. Effective Communication

With the Care Hires mobile app for care staff, providers and managers can communicate and manage employees more effectively. Employees can use the mobile application to view their weekly schedules, sign-in or sign off from their shift and view their compensation reports easily. This enables managers also to stay in touch with their staff while monitoring their work hours, reducing the pressures and administrative overheads in maintaining a clear line of communication.

5. Cost-reduction and centralised control

By automating administrative tasks, Care Hires offers many pathways to reduce overall expenses while providing greater visibility and control over staff and processes. Furthermore, this allows care providers to have a clear view of the overall cost of the services and plan their long-term budgets and conduct financial reporting while complying with standards. This helps providers in decision-making where they are able to visualise which matters require closer attention and greater funding, such as allocating funds for employee compensation and offering necessary incentives to retain existing staff and attract qualified workers.

In order to effectively manage your care staff, digital solutions are essential. To combat staff shortages, these solutions are vital to streamline the care services offered while reducing expenses, allowing a better allocation of resources and funding to enhance employee productivity and job satisfaction. When partnering with Care Hires we ensure that your quality, compliance, control and costs are optimised, so you can focus on providing the best care possible for your residents.



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